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    Người gửi: Nguyễn Thành Tâm
    Ngày gửi: 18h:18' 09-09-2011
    Dung lượng: 431.5 KB
    Số lượt tải: 965
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    @@@ Combine each pair of sentences below
    1. The officer wasn’t very friendly. I spoke to him yesterday

    2. The dog was very frightened. The boys threw stones at it

    3. The road was built in 1980. We are driving on it

    4. Did you see the letter? It came yesterday morning

    5. The man called the police. His wallet was stolen

    6. My father goes swimming everyday. You met him this morning

    7. I love my parents’ house. I was born in that house

    8. The town is small. I grew up there

    9. I’ll never forget the day. I first met you then

    10. The picture was beautiful. She was looking at it

    11. This is the house. We often stay in this house in the summer

    12. This is Mrs. Jones. Her son won the championship last year

    13. You sent me a present. Thank you very much for it
    14. Mary and Margaret are twins. You met them yesterday

    15. I like standing at the window. I can see the park from this window

    16. I do not know the reason. She left school for it

    17. The police want to know the hotel. Mr.Foster stayed there two weeks ago

    18. The man is a famous actor. You met him at the party last night

    19. There are some words. They are very difficult to translate

    20. The woman was a secretary. We were waiting for her.

    21. Sandra works in advertising. You were talking to her

    22. The man is very young. You are driving his car

    23. Who is the woman? Our teacher is talking to her?

    24. The day was rainy. She left on that day

    25. The city was beautiful. We spent our vacation there

    26. That man is an artist. I don’t remember the man’s name

    @@@ Rewrite the second sentence in such a way that it has the same meaning as the one before it:
    1. It’s difficult to get a good job.
    Getting a good job
    2. His pronunciation is hard to understand.
    3. It’s difficult for us to answer this question.
    This question
    4. Learning English is interesting.
    It is
    5. We couldn’t answer this question because it was very hard
    The question
    6. Speaking English fluently is not easy. It
    7. It was impossible to work in that condition.
    8. I fell asleep because the film was so boring
    The film was so
    9. I’m too poor to take a space trip.
    I’m not
    10. He is too short to be a goalkeeper.
    He isn’t
    11. I didn’t want to turn the TV off because it was a very good film
    The film was
    12. He spoke so quickly that I couldn’t understand what he said
    He spoke
    13. Mark is too young to see the horror film
    Mark is
    14. He climbed the tree in order to get a better view
    15. You should get up early so that you will have time to review your lesson
    You should
    16. We should do morning exercise regularly so as to improve our health
    We should
    17. She put on warm clothes so that she wouldn’t catch cold

    18. He hurried to the station so as not to miss the train
    19. Mary went to the library in order that she could borrow some books
    20. John gets up early so that he won’t be late for class
    21. We hurried to school so as not to be late
    22. Tom is saving up so that he can buy a new bicycle
    Tom is
    23. He studies hard to pass his exam
    24. The fridge was so heavy that we couldn’t move it
    The fridge
    25. The gate is closed to stop the children running into the road
    The gate
    26. It was such a dirty beach that I decided not to stay
    The beach
    27. The water was so cold that the children could not swim in it
    The water
    28.The cake was so hard that I couldn’t eat it
    It was
    29. The children couldn’t go swimming because the sea was very rough
    The sea
    30. Tom is not old enough to drive the car
    Tom is
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